The Writing On The Wall

This year, 2017, seems  to be the year of great-wall-of-china-pictureswalls. And the writing on the wall is clear for all to read.

The ideal of One World, global village and of  Vasudhaiva  Kutumbakam  (world as one family) envisaged by  ancient Indian scriptures may be buried in the foundations of the wall the  US  President, Donald   J. Trump, has ordered to be built.

As I write this, on Sunday, Germany  celebrated the  silver
jubilee of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The  barbed wire and concrete “Antifaschistischer Schutzwall,” (anti-fascist bulwark) between East and West Berlin, built in  1961  was symbolic of  political  division of many people with the same culture and language.

The  lifting of curbs on defection to West Germany from  the Communist East Germany (German Democratic Republic) on  November 9, 1989 was considered a historic event. It led  to the demolition in 1992, of not only the 91-mile Berlin wall but also many ‘mental walls’ between people, erected by politicians.

A barbed wire fencing between India and Pakistan is being completed.  An electrified fence separates  Botswana and Zimbabwe . Malaysia and Thailand are separated by a wall. So are Saudi Arabia and Iraq, Iran and Iraq, and Kuwait and Iraq.

The Washington Post says the number of walls worldwide briefly.remained stagnant after the fall of the Berlin wall  However after the  9/11 attack on the New York World Trade Centre, wall construction projects proliferated dramatically,  reflecting instability in the Middle East.

Islamic terrorism led to.more than 45 walls separating  countries and territories by 2011.

Latvia, born out the embers of the erstwhile Soviet Union, has completed the first 23 km of the  wall  to stop migration  along its 276-km border with Russia. reports said. The  9-foot wall  is  expected to be completed by 2019. An allocation  of €6.3 million (₹45 crore)  has been made by the Latvian government for constructing 60 km more his year.

The Latvian wall and the  1950=mile wall on the Mexican border proposed by  President Trump will be the latest additions to the political walls in the world. While the 5,500-mile   Great Wall of China remains  merely historical and a heritage monument, the  demolition of the Berlin Wall heralded the integration of the two Germanys and end of Cold War.

Many analysts  thought that Donald Trump’s talk of a wall between Mexico and the USA was mere campaign rhetoric,  not to be implemented. And yet one of the first actions by Trump after his inauguration was to set the building process into motion.



  1. Very true. This seems to be a bad time to be an idealist. The humanity is going in reverse gear on practically every front and in every region.


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