And Now Sops For Corporators

Civic bodies’ great “achievements\” — piling up garbage and polluted lakes in cities           

IT WAS JUST DAYS AGO THAT THE BJP-RULED MAHARASHTRA, CLAIMING TO BE THE most progressive state in India, decided to dole out 100 million rupees of tax-payers’ (your and my) money annually for  health insurance to its already-pampered legislators.

And now it proposes to squander about 600 million rupees a year  to  raise the salaries of the members of the municipalities and corporators in the state,  again controlled mostly by BJP and its ally, Shiv Sena.

I there any way to prevent politicians form helping themselves to public money simply because they won seats in “democratic” elections, fought mostly on the basis of caste, dynasty or money and muscle power and  vote-bank politics?

While the insurance sop for the present and past legislator was meant  to see that they do not submit fake medical bills for reimbursement, it is knot known for what the “city fathers” are being rewarded even if it meant admission that they were doing so?

Could it be for the ‘dharnas’ (sit-in protests), shouting and fisticuffs which mark the meetings of the civic  bodies, imitating the legislatures?

Or perhaps it is a reward for their “achievements”  as seen in the above picture?


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