High Tech Hurdles to Low Tech Elders

Hi Tech burden for low-brow elders 

TECHNOLOGY HAS BECOME A PART OF OUR lives today. We cannot live without gadgets any more. Children download, pause, take pictures on smartphones or send  WhatsApp messages even before they start school.

There is need, therefore, for instructions that even idiots (like me) can understand. If not many (especially the elders) will be like the unlettered rural parents doling out huge sums to their son in city  to buy ‘perpendiculars.’

Asked to show them the ‘thing’ he would pretend to be shocked at their ignorance that after use in the lab the ‘perpendiculars’ had  to be ‘submitted’ to the professors.

But what do we do when we get message from a mobile phone service provider saying:

Dear Customer,
Here is a step-by-step guide on How to Configure APN Settings Manually: >Tap on Apps icon>Settings>SIM card manager>Data service network>Operator 1 or Operator 2>Back>More settings>Mobile networks>SIM 1 or SIM 2 tab>Check Mark on Mobile data>Check Mark on Data roaming>OK>Access Point Names>Tap on Menu>New APN>Name>Enter Mobile Internet>OK>APN>Enter airtelgprs.com>OK>Server>Enter airtellive.com>OK>Authentication type>None>APN type>Enter default>OK>Bearer>Unspecified>Tap on Menu>Save>Mobile Internet profile to make as default
Click the below link and folllow the instructions http://airtelsupport.oneclick.info/SosOwa.aspx?id=5992053a-0381-4c11-9f4b-bec0f61a8057
Thank you,

The last line (Thank you) was the only one understood fully.

A whole new profession of technical content writers has sprung up. They should better take a lesson from the late music director  S. D.Burman, who once saw a ‘chaiwala‘ boy (tea server) tapping his feet to a new lilting tune he had scored. From then on he used to first sing/play his tunes to them and go by  their reaction.

I may be bad at making tea or coffee, but I and my ilk could the new writers’ ‘chaiwala’s.

It is only ignorant bloggers like me who complain that they are locked out of their own WordPress blogs, see their comments and ‘like’s vanish and their picture in the Gravatar disappear. They are asked to ‘prove their ownership’ of the blog even as their 100th post was being  published as the password in use from day one  is declared ‘invalid’.

My eternal battle with my grand daughter  is over my computer’s erratic behaviour and her contention that it produces rubbish only when rubbish is put in – GIGO (garbage  in, garbage out).

Most of the problems are caused not by Intel inside but the idiot outside.



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