Top RSS/Modi Supporters in Congress

Rajiv (Sanskrit word for lotus)  and the entire Indira dynasty, watching lotuses bloom in a lake. Rahul in extreme right and Priyanka in extreme left. All of them were claimants to the Prime Ministerial throne.  Including the dog?

YOU ARE THE TOP SUPPORTER OF  ANY IDEOLOGY  OR POLITICAL PARTY (though parties have nothing to do with ideology today) if you have contributed most to their victory and help groups on whose support the party comes to power.

Who is responsible for Modi to come to power? Mani Shankar Iyer, without any doubt, Continue reading “Top RSS/Modi Supporters in Congress”

Slippers for a ‘VIP’ (Old Ones Will Do)


Ex-Prime Minister of UK David Cameron stands in London train as there was no seat. He did not shout  “Do you not  know who am?”  or beat other passengers  for not offering him a seat.  Indian  MP  or  so-called “VIP’s” , of any party, would not have  shown such restraint. And no ex-PM in India would have traveled in a train like a common man as David  Cameron did

To  Shriman Argeeji,                                     Member RWA Managing Committee

Respeccted Bhau Saheb,

Congratulations for being in the news once again even before we could answer your letter to the Resident’s Welfare Association about the grave injustice done to you,an eminent member of a prominent caste to which some kings belonged, by Apartment security men, whom we have now removed (they were from North East, anyway (not amchi maanus).

We read in the newspapers that you have again had a brush with authority, now the Mumbai police. The reporter did not say how many times you beat the policemen with slippers. It may be because (1) he/she was weak at counting, (2) thought it was too obvious Continue reading “Slippers for a ‘VIP’ (Old Ones Will Do)”

A Member’s Letter to RWA President

To The President
Residents’ Welfare Association,
False Prestige Apartments


This is to bring to your notice a serious wrong done to me, an eminent member of a prominent caste to which some kings belonged, by the security men of the apartment

You know that I am a member of the Managing Committee of the Residents’ Welfare Association, a post I condescendingly accepted though I am an eminent member of a prominent caste to which some kings belonged.

On 23rd of this month I went from my sixth-floor flat to the terrace garden on atop the 14th floor to attend a program organised by the RWA. When I reached there I found that all the front-row seats were occupied. I had to stand for full two minutes till someone in the second row vacated a seat for me.

Though I am an eminent member of a prominent caste to which some kings belonged,     a nine-year-old boy sat in front of me in the first row making me sit with others like a common man. He did not get up, prostrate before me and offer me the seat.

I am a very peaceful and soft-spoken person. The 13 dogs in the apartment buildings always respect me by wagging their tails whenever I pass by. That is enough proof of my being an extremely good, mature and understanding person.

All these dogs know that I had beaten up only three security men, one plumber and two electricians in the last two years when they did not bow down to touch my feet, though I am an eminent member of a prominent caste to which kings belonged. It is known that I am a good man.

Imagine sitting in a basket and being pulled up to my flat

So I caught the boy who sat so disrespectfully in front me, an eminent member of a prominent caste to which some kings belonged and very courteously and peacefully thrashed him. When I wanted to throw him down from the 14th floor some people restrained me, holding my hands though they belonged to lower castes and asked the security men to remove me from the meeting.

Please tell me what wrong have I done? Should those low caste men touch me and prevent me, a member of the managing committee of the RWA and an eminent member of a prominent caste to which some kings belonged, from throwing down a boy who did not vacate the seat for me and made me sit with common people?

Now the security and other residents of the flats do not allow me to enter the lift to go to my fifth floor apartment. After being forced to take the stairs to the fifth floor seven times, I had to get some brethren from my prominent caste to install a pulley on the flat’s balcony and pull up by rope a basket in which I sit. It is risky and I shudder to think of the rope snapping midway.

Residents of the flat are totally wrong in treating me the this way knowing that I am an eminent member of a prominent caste to which some kings belonged and also a RWA managing committee member. They allege I tried to kill the boy. Is it possible, as I was not carrying any arms? I only wanted to strangle the boy and throw him down peacefully and with all respect. In fact a journalist who was writing against me was carrying a sharp, pointed, instrument with which I could have been stabbed – a fountain pen.

I feel that I have done nothing wrong. It is our culture, from anicent times, that an eminent member of a prominent caste to which some kings belonged are always greeted by people prostrating before him and touching his feet. So the residents owe me an apology.

It is very difficult to sit in a basket and be pulled up to fifth floor by a pulley, for which I have to feed and pay several concerned fellow-brethren from my prominent caste. Mid-air and feeling the discomfort of the basket on my rear, as I was being pulled up, I could relate to another person, also in mid-air (on an air plane), who was not given due respect and the right seat.

I hereby demand that security agency of the apartments be told to not only allow me to use the lift, but also ensure that no common people share it with me, an eminent member of a prominent caste to which some kings belonged.

After all I am an RWA managing committee member and not a common man.

Yours sincerely

RWA Managing Committee member

Coalition ‘Adharma’

Still free
‘Elected’ to take law into own hands, not to make laws.

THIS MAN IS STILL FREE on March 28 evening – four days after  he attacked with a shoe an Air India employee, Kumar,  for making him sit with the common people in the economy class of a plane which has only economy class seats.

The Prime Minister is silent. So is Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, a nice, cultured, humble, lady I had seen in Indore going around from house to house in her campaign against a not-so-humble Prakash Chandra Sethi (incidentally, also famous for misbehaving with an airhostess in a plane), an ex-Chief Minister and Central  Minister.

She has won then. Now she lost to ‘coalition dharma’.

And all because his ‘party’, the Shiv Sena, is a partner in NDA, the ruling coalition.  And many in Parliament and outside, used the occasion to point out how bad Air India service is – as if that justified its employees being beaten with shoes, abused in foul language and almost thrown down from the plane.

The Shiv Sena fully justified Gaekwad’s actions.  He has eight criminal cases against him and they  will go on for decades. The Congress partly sided with him saying Air India service is bad. After all it has to support  V. Hanumantha Rao, its  ex-MP,  for abusing and misbehaving with police  in Hyderabad saying he could not be stopped because he was AICC Secretary. Rao whom I had known in his youth Congress days, does not say ‘one of the many AICC  secretaries ‘.

Even Narendra Modi, due to  ‘coalition compulsions’ indirectly backed Gaekwad who had insulted BJP saying,  when beating Kumar, that he was not a BJP (spineless) MP to keep quiet if not offered a business class seat. The police are “still investigating”. The Speaker thinks  it did not happen inside Parliament and so no action need be taken.

So the message is clear.  You can beat up your  MP if  think he/she is not doing enough for the constituency. If a government official is sitting on your file (as they normally do) your shoe can be used on him or her.

When power becomes the sole objective of a party ‘adharma’ can become  ‘coalition dharma’.

Lawyers Are Not Liars

‘Arguing’  outside courts

IN MANY  HINDI  FILMS  IT  IS  difficult to notice the difference in  pronunciation  of ‘lawyer’ and ‘liar’. When you talk of judges (Nov.3, 2016 post ‘Judging Judsearchges‘) lawyers cannot be far from your thoughts.


Judges come from the community of lawyers. A popular Hindi serial of the last generation was titled ‘Sas bhi kabhi bahu thi’ (the mother-in-law too was a daughter-in-law once). Similarly judges too were lawyers once.While judges
are among the most respectable and revered members of  the  society, even lawyers
imgres would admit that the ‘reputation’ they enjoy does not match that of judges. Lawyer jokes outnumber the Rajnikant or Sardar jokes in India and can fill many pages.

Derisive jokes about lawyers in the USA are too many ( On a tombstone: “Here lies John, a lawyer and an honest man”. Visitor: “Oh, two people buried in a single grave!”). How many Continue reading “Lawyers Are Not Liars”

Should MPs, MLAs, Get More?



The  argument mentioned in the post  yesterday, that MPs and MLAs should be give higher emoluments to prevent poverty driving them to corruption, suffers from one weekness: Crime or corruption  arise not from poverty but from the values and mentality of those involved and not from their need.

Eduction is expected to teach us the difference between want and need. It has been seen that those who have much want some more. Those who steal out of need are much fewer than those who do so out of greed – wanting  more things.

In childhood I was told of a writing competition in a college:”What will you do if you have a lakh of rupees?”(Those days that was a huge sum). Most students wrote of things they would buy for those they love or fufilling their dreams. The prize winner wrote that he would tighten his belt, eat and spend less so that he could turn that one lakh into two. Having a big amount makes you realise what you can do with it –and with much more.

Ministers who collect 10 per cent as bribe from contractors don’t do it due to hunger.  If need was the cause those raided and found having disproportionate weath would not have been in possession of several hundred crores of rupees.Had they taken just to meet needs, they would not have been suspected in the first place.

If some MPs ‘cashed’ their positions and grew rich, it was not because of poverty. Similarly if some MPs just sign the register and never participate, it is only because the party leaders want such members – only to given them the numerical majority which is all that matters in a ’51-is-right-49-is-wrong’ democracy. Such ‘dumb’ members do not threaten their leadership by developing ambitions.

In the pre-Emergency Parliament there was a debate on the ‘Pondicherry Licence Scandal’ where a minster, L.N.Mishra from Bihar, was charged with issuing a licence to one Tulsian for import of stainless steel. A  CBI investigation showed the licence was issued on the basis of  letters by some MPs recommending it. Their signatures were allegedly  forged.

The MPs had to state in the house that CBI officers visited them and showed the letters. Their signaturesnot genuine and were forged. The MPs, including a woman, were hardly ever seenin the House before. They had never spoken. They were given the statement, in Hindi, to read out.

The problem in Hindi is that a verb has a gender. A male would say  ‘tha’ and a female ‘thi’ for ‘was’. A male MP took the statement from a woman MP and read it out, saying ‘thi’ n plce of  ‘tha’, resulting in laughter in the house. The members were not only inactive but also barely literate and could not understand the difference. Their only duty was to say ‘Aye’ in voting whenever their leader wanted, or table the questions given by him.

This is not to  disrespecr illiterate members. A Jana Sangh (now  BJP) member in 1970s was a ralway coolie earlier and learnt to fread and write from a journalist friend of mine. But he was one of the most active MPs. And highly ‘educated’  members blindly supporta   barely educated and dumb ‘leaders’ just because they belong to a dynasty.

Not all the members are illiterate.  An actor, playback singer or crciketer is chosen by the ruling party not for their valuable contribution to debates or ideas but as a reward for using their glamour to attract crowds in election campaigns and for the value added to the party by nominating them. As they earn much more than the Rs 2000-a-day  sitting allowance they attend only the  minimum number of days to retain their membership.

And attendance here means going to parliament house to sign the register – and perhaps sit in the allotted seat for a minute or two. This practice is not limited to the Congress, though it did so more often than others. ‘Maharani’  Gayatri Devi of Rajasthan, said to be one of the most beautiful womenof her times. was a Swatantra Party MP. I saw her sit the Lok Sabha for some minutes before leaving. And that ‘attendance’ too was rare.

Some MPs are seen mostly in the Central Hall, which is just a huge coffee house where all the lobbying and political bargaining takes place. Their views, experience or advice do not matter. They have to only sign where they were asked to and contribute to the numbers.

And their leaders want them paid more for it.

Slaves By ‘Democratic’ Choice

img-20170214-wa0015The ight of choice is the  essence of democracy.

We are an independent, democratic, nation because we choose – between our caste and the rival caste, between fair and black faces, between the known devil and the unknown.

We choose between prostrating, grovelling and cringing before a fair lady and a black man who was doing the same along with us just a few weeks ago. All because she danced around trees with a ‘star’ whom we adored. Continue reading “Slaves By ‘Democratic’ Choice”